Babe Clay Rosebowl Competition

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'Babe' Clay was a Director and Company Secretary at a steelworks in Wednesbury, keen Basketball player and coach at the BAI in 1935.

Clay and Bill Browning set up the Amateur Basketball Association in 1936 and Clay was Secretary and Treasurer until 1949.

During the war basketball continued to be played in the Midlands largely due to the work of Babe Clay and Les Cooper.

Clay died suddenly in the early 1960's and is reputed to have left all his money to the English Basketball Association.

Two theories emerge as regards to the trophy:
(i) That it was presented by Clay himself when the Area Club Championship first started and became the Rosebowl Trophy.
(ii) It was bought in his memory from donations received by the League after his death.


Lordswood 0 Birmingham Mets 10
Smith's Wood Sabres 10 MLC 12
West Brom 14 Broadway Casino 18
Redditch Regents 20 Shropshire Warriors 20
Bartley Rangers 34 Rugeley Raptors 36
Churchbridge 38 Yardley Defenders 40
Worcester Bears 42 Frankley Falcons 44
Spartans 44 Bromsgrove Blaze 44
Birmingham Blazers 56 Walsall 99ers 'A' 56
West Brom 'B' 56 Rawzone Basketball 58
Rugeley Raptors 2 60 Mavericks 62
Shropshire Swarm 64 Shrewsbury Storm 66
Featherstone Wasps 78 Hanley Hustlers 78
Stouport Spartans 78 Walsall 99ers 'B' 78
Birmingham Medics 80 Hawks 82
Birmingham Chinese 84 Northwood Valiants 86
Stafford Spartans 88    



Rosebowl Competition Fixtures

  Round 1 (w/c Sunday 14 October 2018)
Code Tip Date Home Team Score Away Team Notes/Status
RB01 10:00 Sun 14-Oct-18 Featherstone Wasps   vs   Redditch Regents    
RB02 18:00 Sun 14-Oct-18 West Bromwich 'B'   vs   Shropshire Warriors    
RB03 19:45 Tues 16-Oct-18 Birmingham Mets   vs   Bartley Rangers    
RB04 12:30 Sun 14-Oct-18 Birmingham Chinese   vs   Walsall 99ers 'B'    
RB05 19:45 Wed 17-Oct-18 Northwood Valiants   vs   Rawzone Basketball Club    
RB06 20:20 Fri 19-Oct-18 Birmingham Uni Medics   vs   Birmingham Blazers    
RB07 19:45 Sun 14-Oct-18 Frankley Falcons 00 vs 20 Broadway Casino Frankley Forfeit  
RB08 14:00 Sun 14-Oct-18 MLC   vs   Mavericks    
RB09 16:15 Sun 14-Oct-18 Shrewsbury Storm   vs   Rugeley Raptors 1    
RB10 20:20 Mon 15-Oct-18 Walsall 99ers 'A'   vs   Smith's Wood Sabres    
RB11 19:45 Thu 18-Oct-18 Yardley Defenders   vs   Stourport Spartans    
RB12 20:20 Mon 15-Oct-18 Stafford Spartans   vs   Shropshire Swarm    
RB13 19:50 Thu 18-Oct-18 Churchbridge   vs   Spartans    
RB14 20:20 Thu 18-Oct-18 Rugeley Raptors 2   vs   West Bromwich    
RB15 19:45 Mon 15-Oct-18 Lordswood 20 vs 00 Bromsgrove Blaze Bromsgrove Forfeit  
RB16 20:15 Wed 17-Oct-18 Worcester Bears   vs   Hawks    


  Play-in Round (w/c Sunday 23 September 2018)
Code Tip Date Home Team Score Away Team Notes/Status
RBPL 20:20 Mon 24-Sep-18 Stafford Spartans 77 vs 45 Hanley Hustlers