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The Premier Division Trophy is engraved 'Premier Invitation Division for West Midland Amateur Basketball League' and was presented to the League by Keith Tomkin. The first presentation was made at the end of the inaugural season 1965-66 to Old Norts who went on to dominate the league for the first four years. Keith Tomkin was Secretary of the Basketball Federation and helped establish the Officials Federation which was founded in the early 1960's. He was a member of the West Midland League committee and fondly remembered by his contemporaries as one of our more eccentric referees. The Premier Division has remained an invitation league to the present day.


1965-66 Old Norts ?
1966-67 Old Norts ?
1967-68 Old Norts ?
1968-69 Old Norts ?
1969-70 West Bromwich Dons
1970-71 Bulldogs 'A' Dons 'A'
1971-72 Dons Birmingham Exiles
1972-73 Dons Exhall Eagles
1973-74 Birmingham University 'A' Bulldogs 'A'
1974-75 Sheldon Bulldogs 'A'
1975-76 Bulldogs West Bromwich YMCA
1976-77 Bulldogs Henley
1977-78 BWB Eagles West Bromwich YMCA
1978-79 Cork & Bottle CT Cardinals
1979-80 West Bromwich YMCA Wulfrun 'A'
1980-81 Holyhead 'A' Wulfrun 'A'
1981-82 Wulfrun Warley 'A'
1982-83 Car Bar 'A' Wulfrun
1983-84 Car Bar 'A' Potterton Hawks
1984-85 Warley 'A' Oaklands
1985-86 BAI Juniors Oaklands
1986-87 Oaklands Bournville 'A'
1987-88 Bournville 'A' Warley 'A'
1988-89 Bournville 'A' 3C Warriors
1989-90 Warley 'A' Nuneaton
1990-91 Warley 'A' Bournville
1991-92 Lasers 'A' Warley 'A'
1992-93 Warley 'A' Wolverhampton Warriors
1993-94 Warley 'A' Bournville
1994-95 Bournville Warley 'A'
1995-96 Warley 'A' Bournville
1996-97 Bilston CC Warley 'A'
1997-98 Bilston CC Warley 'A'
1998-99 Warley 'A' Bilston CC
1999-00 Warley 'A' Bournville
2000-01 Warley 'A' Bushbury 'A'
2001-02 Warley 'A' Wolverhampton CC
2002-03 Wolverhampton CC Warley 'A'
2003-04 Warley 'A' Oaklands
2004-05 Warley 'A' Wolverhampton CC
2005-06 Warley 'A' Wolverhampton CC
2006-07 Warley 'A' Wolverhampton CC
2007-08 Wolverhampton CC Warley A
2008-09 Wolverhampton CC Lasers
2009-2010 Shropshire Warriors A Wolves CC
2010-2011 Worcester Wolves II BC Bears A
2011-2012 Lasers Worcester Kings
2012- 2013 Birmingham Mets Balts
2013- 2014 Birmingham Mets Smithwood
2014- 2015 Birmingham Mets Smithwood


The Division One Trophy was presented to the old Birmingham League in 1935 by E. Camelinat & Co. Ltd.. They were a business operating in the West Midlands at that time. The trophy was passed on to the West Midland League When it formed. Teams winning Division One and the runners-up are invited to join the Premier Division only if they meet the required standard of court and playing ability.


1969-70 Bedworth Nomads Leckie 'A'
1970-71 Old Norts 'B' Oakleaves
1971-72 Old Darlastonians Dudley Tech
1972-73 Old Darlastonians Dudley Tech
1973-74 Sheldon Barons
1974-75 Old Norts Kings Heath
1975-76 McCoys 'A' Aylesford
1976-77 Quaiffe & Lilley Kings Heath
1977-78 Stoke AC Barons
1978-79 Gower 'A' Warley High
1979-80 Holyhead Incol-Solihull
1980-81 Kerrs Kar Parts Bournville 'A'
1981-82 Darlaston Dons Dudley
1982-83 Oaklands Bulldogs
1983-84 Darlaston Stoke
1984-85 Tile Hill Tigers Kerrs Kar Parts
1985-86 Dawncraft Fleur-de-Lys Nomads
1986-87 Birmingham University 'A' 3C Warriors
1987-88 Warley 'B' Potterton
1988-89 Lasers 'A' Birmingham Uni
1989-90 Sheldon Heath Worcester City
1990-91 Barton Colts 'A' West Mids Police
1991-92 Wolverhampton Warriors Shire Oak
1992-93 Nuneaton Warley 'B'
1993-94 Godiva Warriors Dudley Claughtonians
1994-95 Moreton Jazz Lasers 'B'
1995-96 Warwick University Chase Panthers 'A'
1996-97 QC's Bushbury A
1997-98 Redditch Regents Birmingham Uni A
1998-99 Kidderminster Cobras Warley 'B'
1999-00 Alvaston Warley 'B'
2000-01 Lasers 'B' Shropshire
2001-02 Warley 'B' Smithswood
2002-03 Redditch Regents Warley 'B'
2003-04 Pro Guard Smithswood
2004-05 Warley 'B' Pro Guard Pistons
2005-06 Stoke Pro Guard Piston
2006-07 Aston Uin Warley 'B'
2007-08 Stoke Smithswood
2008-09 Aston University Orillo
2009-2010 Walsall Wizrads A Wyre Forest A
2010-2011 Birmingham Mets Worcester Kings
2011-2012 Hereford Mavericks
2012-2013 Mavericks Aston Eagles
2013- 2014 Lasers MLC
2014- 2015 Churchbridge A Cheslyn Hay


The Division Two Trophy has been contested for at least 35 years. There is little information as to when it actually started but many teams have worked their way through this division on the way up to the Premier Division. Teams from all over the West Midlands and further have won this division and some of the early winners are still running today.


1969-70 Ada Oakleaves Bournville
1970-71 St Pauls Old Darlastonians
1971-72 Old Marts Old Dudleians
1972-73 Holly Lodge Dudley Exiles
1973-74 Old Norts Worcester Saracens
1974-75 Phoenix Phantoms Aylesford
1975-76 Quaiffe & Lilley Warley High
1976-77 Gower 'A' West Bromwich College
1977-78 Incol-Solihull Ada Oakleaves
1978-79 RAF Stafford Worcester Hawks
1979-80 Manor 'A' Bournville
1980-81 Oaklands Pathfinders
1981-82 Birmingham University 'A' Aston University
1982-83 Sportsco Sheldon
1983-84 Old Marts BAI 'B'
1984-85 Ward End Riley Elite
1985-86 Birmingham University 3C Warriors
1986-87 Bridge Trust Hornets Dudley
1987-88 Abbotsford Lasers 'A'
1988-89 Stringer Sabre Deep Freeze
1989-90 Barton Colts Emily Arms
1990-91 Great Barr Crocs Warley High
1991-92 Aston University Riley
1992-93 Lasers 'B' SDA Rockets
1993-94 Warwick University Moreton Jazz
1994-95 Chase Panthers Shropshire
1995-96 Bushbury Golden Arrow
1996-97 Wolverhampton University Redditch Regents
1997-98 Barton Colts Aston University
1998-99 Aston Manor Eagles Smith's Wood
1999-00 Avon Valley Churchbridge
2000-01 Pro Guard Warley 'C'
2001-02 Avon Valley Scorpions
2002-03 Scorpions Warley 'C'
2003-04 Aston Sills Warley 'C'
2004-05 Just Hoops Birmingham Breakers
2005-06 Balkan Express Churchbridge
2006-07 Pro Guard Pacers Hawks
2007-08 Aston Sils Pro Guard Pacers
2008-09 Lordswood Birmingham Blazers A
2090-2010 Bromsgrove Blaze David Lloyd
2010-2011 Worcester Uni David Lloyd A
2011-2012 Yardley Mets MLC
2012-2013 Raiders Churchbridge A
2013- 2014 Shelfield Sharks Churchbridge B
2014-2015 Trojans Raiders


Division three was introduced at the start of the 1970-71 season as the League developed. By the 1972-73 season it had developed so much that it divided into Division 3A and 3B. The division ran for 29 seasons and was last won in 1998-99 by Kings with ICC Thunderbolts as runners-up.


1970-71 Old Marts Bulldogs
1971-72 Duddeston Rockets RAF Cosford
1972-73 RAF Stafford Northfield YMCA
Old Norts Kings Heath
1973-74 Phoenix Erdington 'A'
1974-75 West Bromwich Tech Warley High
1975-76 Bulldogs 'B' Leckie 'B'
1976-77 Bushbury Bristnall Hall
1977-78 Aldridge Saints Aston University
1978-79 Vulcans 'A' Bournville
1979-80 BCA Pathfinders Oakwood
1980-81 Ward End Kingfishers
1981-82 Holyhead 'B' Old Marts
1982-83 West Midlands Police KN Cougars
1983-84 Riley Bournville 'B'
1984-85 Worcester Saracens Wolverhampton Windows
1985-86 Bridge Trust Hornets Warley 'B'
1986-87 Mr Deep Freeze Grand Tandoori
1987-88 Small Heath Stadium Swifts
1988-89 Bilston College Lasers 'B'
1989-90 Lovell Homes Aston University
1990-91 Bulldogs Coleshill
1991-92 Churchbridge Incol-Solihull
1992-93 Moreton Jazz Bushbury
1993-94 Apollo Sils 'A' Chase Bucks
1994-95 Golden Arrow Rockets
1995-96 City Challenge Triple 'B' Shire Oak 'B'
1996-97 Warley High Lasers Musketeers
1997-98 Aston Manor Eagles Bushbury B
1998-99 Kings ICC Thunderbolts
2007-08 Weston Hoops Blazers
2008-09 Wyre Forest Flames Bromsgrove Blaze
2090=2010 BC Bears B Walsall Wizards B
2010-2011 Cheslyn Hay Wolverhamton Big Sky
2012-2013 Shelfield Sharks Churchbridge B
2013-2014 Shropshire Warriors B
2014-2015 Bromsgrove Bears Bartley Rangers


Division four began at the start of the 1970-71 season and ran for 27 years till the end of the 1996-97 season. Many teams who were successful in later years began their West Midlands careers in this division. It also saw the introduction of many 'B' teams being introduced to the league.


1970-71 Duddeston Rockets Amber Hookers
1971-72 Warley College BAI
1972-73 Lions 'B' Old Salts 'B'
1973-74 Bromsgrove Bushbury
1974-75 McCoys 'A' Ward End
1975-76 St Peters Walsall Tech
1976-77 Solihull 'A' Tamworth
1977-78 Worcester Hawks Warley College
1978-79 Oaklands Dons 'B'
1979-80 Gower 'B' Old Centrals
1980-81 Old Marts Warley 'B'
1981-82 Churchbridge Birmingham Uni B
1982-83 Sutton Incol 'B'
1983-84 Mr Deep Freeze Old Centrals
1984-85 Bridge Trust Hornets 3C Warriors
1985-86 BAI Cadets Grand Tandoori
1986-87 Bodytalk Abbotsford
1987-88 Bilston College Warley High
1988-89 Aston University Safford Olympics
1989-90 Great Barr Crocs Incol 'A'
1990-91 Featherstone Moreton Jazz
1991-92 Norton Cougars Dream Team
1992-93 Chase Bucks Hellenic Society
1993-94 Hellenic Society Lasers 'C'
1994-95 Warley High Stockland Green
1995-96 Birmingham Buzzards Warley 'C'
1996-97 Scorpions Featherstone


Division five was introduced at the beginning of the 1973-74 season to accommodate the growing West Midland Basketball League. It ran for 17 seasons and then stopped between 1990 and 1992 it was reintroduced in 1992 and ran till 1995 but has not run since.


1973-74 Erdington 'B' BAI
1974-75 Leckie 'B' Bulldogs 'B'
1975-76 Stoke AC City of Birmingham
1976-77 Aldridge Wulfrun
1977-78 Bournville Gower 'B'
1978-79 BCA Pathfinders West Mids Police
1979-80 Kingfishers Old Marts
1980-81 Churchbridge ER Mason
1981-82 Car Bar 'B' Featherstone
1982-83 Barton Colts Featherstone
1983-84 Yardley Raiders 3C Warriors
1984-85 Safford Olympics Incol
1985-86 Maxim Swifts Darlaston 'B'
1986-87 Mount Pleasant Bushbury
1987-88 Menzies Riley 'C'
1988-89 Team Vigo Warley High 'B'
1989-90 Oakwood Woodbrook
1990-91 / /
1991-92 / /
1992-93 Riley 'B' Stockland Green
1993-94 Rebels 'B' Apollo Sils 'B'
1994-95 EDC Freshmen Shenley 'B'


Due to the success of the introduction of Division five the very next season saw the introduction of Division six. This ran for four seasons but ended at the end of the 1977-78 season and did not run again till the start of the 1983-84 season. It only managed to run for three more seasons till the 1985-86 season and has never run since.


1974-75 Walsall Tech Archbishop Mastersons
1975-76 Hookers 'B' Warley Wasps
1976-77 BHM Dons 'C'
1977-78 Old Marts 'B' Vulcans 'B'
1978-79 / /
1979-80 / /
1980-81 / /
1981-82 / /
1982-83 / /
1983-84 Grand Tandoori Moreton Magnum
1984-85 Barton Colts 'B' AS Birmingham
1985-86 Rushall Rockets Birmingham Bulldogs 'B'


Below are other divisions run by the West Midland Basketball League. As the League developed and more teams joined, the League set up a Colleges 'A' and Colleges 'B' Division in1969. It also introduced a Junior Division in the same season unfortunately they only ran for one season.

Colleges 'A' League


1969-70 Alsager 'A' Leckie 'B'

Colleges 'B' League


1969-70 Alsager 'B' Ryland Bedford

Junior League


1969-70 Oakleaves Bulldogs 'B'

2004-05 Development Division Friendlies only


'Babe' Clay was a Director and Company Secretary at a steelworks in Wednesbury, keen basketball player and coach at the BAI in 1935. Clay and Bill Browning set up the Amateur Basketball Association in 1936 and Clay was Secretary and Treasurer until 1949. During the war basketball continued to be played in the Midlands largely due to the work of Babe Clay and Les Cooper. Clay died suddenly in the early 1960's and is reputed to have left all his money to the English Basketball Association. Two theories emerge as regards the trophy: (i) That it was presented by Clay himself when the Area Club Championship first started and became the Rosebowl Trophy. (ii) It was bought in his memory from donations received by the League after his death.


1970-71 Old Norts 'B' Old Norts 'A'
1971-72 Old Salts 'A' Birmingham University 'A'
1972-73 RAF Stafford Dudley Eagles
1973-74 Warley High Leckie 'A'
1974-75 Old Norts Bulldogs 'A'
1975-76 West Bromwich YMCA Warley High
1976-77 West Bromwich College West Bromwich YMCA
1977-78 Incol-Solihull Manor Mustangs
1978-79 Haydn Fisher 'A' Cork & Bottle
1979-80 BCA Pathfinders Manor 'A'
1980-81 Old Marts Bournville 'A'
1981-82 Dudley West Bromwich Wildcats
1982-83 Davenports Bournville 'B'
1983-84 3C Warriors Old Centrals
1984-85 Bournville 'A' Stafford Olympics
1985-86 Bridge Trust Hornets Davenports
1986-87 Bennetts Bank Bournville 'A'
1987-88 Warley High Lasers 'A'
1988-89 Team Vigo Aston University
1989-90 Great Barr Crocs Warley 'A'
1990-91 Lasers 'A' Featherstone Wasps
1991-92 Lasers 'B' Lasers 'A'
1992-93 Apollo Sils Nuneaton
1993-94 Godiva Warriors Chase Bucks
1994-95 Bournville Oaklands
1995-96 Warley 'C' Smith's Wood
1996-97 Bushbury Blazers 'B' Warley 'C'
1997-98 Aston Manor Eagles Bilston CC
1998-99 Warley 'A' Stafford Olympics
1999-00 Alvaston LC Godiva Warriors
2000-01 Scorpions ICC Thunderbolts
2001-02 Avon Valley Warley 'C'
2002-03 Wolverhampton CC Scorpions
2003-04 Warley 'A' Aston Sils
2004-05 Aston Uni Pro Guard
2005-06 Wolves C.C. Churchbridge
2006-07 Aston A's Wolverhampton CC
2007-08 Aston Sils Weston Hoops
2008-09 Wyre Forest Flames Walsall Wizards A
2090-2010 Lordswood Wyre Forest A
2010-2011 MLC Warley C
2011-2012 Wolverhamton Big Sky Worcester Kings
2012-2013 TCAT B Aston Eagles
2013-2014 Birmingham Mets Balts
2014-2015 Balts Cheslyn Hay


2008-2009 Lordswood Warley B
2090-2010 Birmingham Mets Walsall Wizards B
2010-2011 Worcester Kings Wolverhampton Big Sky
2011-2012 Lordswood Bromsgrove Blaze
2012-2013 Mavericks Balts
2013-2014 Wolverhampton CC Lasers
2014-2015 Mavericks Churchbridge A


The Summer League was introduced at the end of the 1975-76 season as so many teams wanted to continue playing basketball. It has continued to the present day as a handicap league based on a club's final position in the league and has given teams from lower divisions a chance to play against the best in the league.


1976 Quaiffe & Lilley Leckie 'A'
1977 Solihull 'A' Warley High
1978 CT Tigers Ward End
1979 Holyhead Dons
1980 Holyhead 'A' Incol-Solihull
1981 Incol-Solihull Wulfrun
1982 Aylesford Hawks Sportsco
1983 3C Warriors Holyhead 'A'
1984 Darlaston Barton Colts
1985 Bennetts Bank 3C Warriors
1986 3C Warriors Raj Mahal 'B'
1987 Mount Pleasant 3C Warriors
1988 Burywich Lions Lasers 'A'
1989 Small Heath Burywich
1990 Warley Konica Generals
1991 Oaklands Lasers 'A'
1992 Apollo Sils Lasers 'A'
1993 Lasers 'B' Shire Oak 'A'
1994 Oaklands Shire Oak 'A'
1995 Oaklands Shire Oak 'A'
1996 Bushbury Barton 'B'
1997 Chase Panthers 'A' Bushbury Blasers B
1998 Bilston CC
1999 Lasers Musketeers Bushbury Blasers
2000 Shropshire Warriors ICC Thunderbolts
2001 Lasers'B' Shropshire
2002 Avon Valley Redditch
2003 Redditch Bromsgrove
2004 Chase Panthers Aston Sils B
2005 Just Hoops Breakers
2006 Chase Panthers Warley
2007 Chase Panthers Balkan Express
2008 Redditch Sils
2009 Redditch
2010 Wolves CC Churchbridge
2011 Balts TCAT
2012 Lordswood Balts
2013 Tile Hill Smithswood
2014 Wolverhamton Slam MLC
2015 Arden Griffiths Churchbridge


Text Box: Over the years as the League has developed other awards have been introduced and presented to both individuals and to clubs for a variety of things. These include the 'Mac Fessall Award' to reward unsung heroes who do the behind the scenes work for clubs, the'Stanley Pears Trophy' for clubs showing the best sporting attitude both on and off the court and the 'Bernard Patrick Trophy' awarded to the referee of the year voted for by the clubs


McMilton Fessall was a young enthusiastic member of Holyhead Basketball Club who, while refereeing a third division game between Worcester City and Sportsco, collapsed and died on court. The Leaguereceived donationsand with his parents consent, this award was created to recognise those unsung heroes of every basketball club. Not the 'star' players but those who work unselfishly behind the scenes on behalf of their club.


1984-85 Syd Smith
1985-86 Stan Millington
1986-87 Trevor White
1987-88 Terry Cash
1988-89 John Mcfarlane & Roger Brett
1989-90 Derek Winnett
1990-91 John Taylor
1991-92 Bryan Bradley
1992-93 Paul Virgo
1993-94 Nigel Evans
1994-95 Elaine Gordon
1995-96 Andy Maturi
1996-97 George Gane
1997-98 Anthony Vaughan
1998-99 Peter Davidson
1999-00 Mike Steel
2000-01 Jason Forrest
2001-02 John Taylor
2002-03 Stan Millington
2003-04 Scott Mounfield
2005-06 Denise Kearney
2006-07 Kim Griffiths
2007-08 Glen Chilton
2008-09 Nigel Evans
2090-2010 Pete Goodwin
2010-2011 Kevin Henry
2011-2012 Barrie Viner
2012-2013 Dave Bradshaw
2013-2014 Gracen Maynard
2014-2015 Cecil Gordon


History: Stanley Pears and team.

Stanley Pears (number 10 above), was a founder member of Ward End Basketball Club which later, through sponsorshipchanged its name to Atelier and TEC. Although seriously ill, Stan continued playing and, on his death, his colleagues donated this trophy in his memory to be awarded to the team who, in the opinion of the other clubs in the League and the referees, displayed the most sporting atmosphere both on and off the court.


1987-88 Worcester City
1988-89 Potterton
1989-90 Bridge Trust Hornets
1990-91 Kinver
1991-92 DHD Shrewsbury
1992-93 Apollo Sils
1993-94 Godiva Warriors
1994-95 Shropshire Raiders
1995-96 Bushbury
1996-97 Kidderminster
1997-98 Warley
1998-99 Bushbury Blasers
1999-00 Chase Panthers
2000-01 Scorpions
2001-02 Bushbury Blasers
2002-03 Blakenhurst
2003-04 Hagley Hawks
2004-05 Shropshire Warriors
2005-06 Balkan Express
2006-07 Smithswood
2007-08 Swinfen Hall
2008-09 Old Sils
2009-2010 Wyre Forest
2010-2011 Redditch
2011-2012 Hawks
2012-2013 Balts
2013-2014 Birmingham Mets
2014-2015 Featherstone


Bernard Patrick was totally committed to basketball, he was involved in many different ways during his life. He had been a player, referee, West Midlands Basketball League committee member, Area Treasurer and was also involved in the old Central League. From the donations received following his sudden death a trophy was purchased in his memory to be awarded annually to the referee of the year. Mrs Shiela Patrick made the first presentation of the award at the end of the 1987-88 season.


1987-88 Jock Weir
1988-89 George Weir
1989-90 Martin Caulfield
1990-91 Kirk Dawes
1991-92 Keith Bruce
1992-93 Dick Jones
1993-94 Malcolm Heath
1994-95 Gordon Johns
1995-96 Mike Neal
1996-97 Bob English
1997-98 Keith Williams
1998-99 Anthony Johnson
1999-00 Steve Ellis
2000-01 Martin Bromage
2001-02 Dave Slade
2002-03 Martin Caulfield
2003-04 Keith Bruce
2004-05 Dick Jones
2005-06 Ian Spears
2006-07 Roy Francis
2007-08 Ian Price
2008-09 Keith Kershaw
2009-10 Ian Care
2010-2011 Kevin Henry
2011-2012 Paul Virgo
2012-2013 Ivan Fabo
2013-2014 Jon Miller
2014-2015 Mike Steel


Richard Beaumont was a well know player in the West Midlands league, having played initially for Warley and then for Bournville who went on to become Black Country Bears. An outgoing person that played a number of other sports as well as Basketball but was known for his ability to shoot the 3 pointer almost from any distance and he often turned and won games in short bursts. Sadly, at the age of 33, Richard collapsed and died playing his summer sport, Cricket, ironically having the game of his life. The West Midlands League is proud to name the 3 point contest after Richard and hope to find the best long distance shooter each year.

2013 Rob Goodwin
2014 Becky Brindley
2015 Edgaras Lomsargis