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Welcome to the West Midlands Basketball League
League Consititution

The following abbreviations are used:

C Constitution
AR Administration Rules
MC Management Council
AGM Annual General Meeting
SGM Special General Meeting
WMBL West Midland Basketball League
WMABBA West Midland Area Basketball Association
EB England Basketball

C1 Designation

This combination of clubs shall be known as the “The West Midland Basketball League”, hereafter and herein abbreviated to WMBL, and shall be affiliated to the West Midland Area Basketball Association.

C2 Objects

a) The objects of the WWMBL shall be:

i) to promote and encourage the game of basketball
ii) to assist the WMABBA to carry out its general policy.

b) All games shall be played according to the playing rules as defined by the (EB), unless otherwise decided at an AGM or noted in this constitution.

 C3 Membership

a) Membership of the WMBL shall consist of Honorary and Executive Officers, affiliated clubs and registered players. b) Eligibility for Membership is open to any club or team:
i) whose court lies within or adjacent to the boundaries of the WMABBA (i.e. the counties of Hereford & Worcester, Shropshire, Staffordshire and the metropolitan county of the West Midlands, excluding the district of Coventry),
ii) that is affiliated to the (EB), and
iii) whose players are also registered members of the (EB)

c) The procedure for the initial membership shall be by approval of the appropriate official league entry form by the MC and receipt of the league fees by the Treasurer. The entry must be ratified at the following AGM.

d) Membership for constituent clubs or teams shall be continuous and automatic subject to:
i) notification of withdrawal by a constituent club or team
ii) rejection by the MC
iii) receipt of the correctly completed entry forms and payment of the appropriate league fees by the date specified
iv) objection by a minimum of two thirds of the team in the respective division.
v) confirmation by the Treasurer that no fines are outstanding at the AGM

e)It is a condition of membership of the WMBL that the team, club or individual concerned will abide by the C and AR. It is the responsibility of the team, club or individual to ensure that they are familiar with the C and AR. In the event of an appeal against a League ruling, the appeal must be made to the WMABBA.

C4 Officers

Officers of the WMBL can have one of two statuses. All officers are elected at the AGM. Executive Officers have to be re-elected annually, while Honorary Officers remain in office until they retire or are withdrawn by the passing of a motion at an AGM.
a)The Honorary Officers of the WMBL shall be:
i) President
ii) Life Vice-Presidents (conferred for outstanding service to the League or to basketball)
iii) Vice-presidents

b)The Executive Officers of the WMBL shall be:
i) Chairman
ii) Vice-Chairman
iii) General Secretary
iv) Treasurer
v) Fixtures Secretary
vi) Appeals Secretary
vii) Media Manager
viii) Referees Secretary
ix) Fixture Re-arrangement Secretary

c)Whenever deemed necessary, the MC may seek the appointment of an assistant to any of the Executive Officers. Any such appointment must be ratified at the subsequent AGM.

d)All of the Executive Officers may receive an annual honorarium, the amount to be decided at the AGM at the conclusion of that season.

e)Any Executive Officer not intending to stand for re-election shall advise the General Secretary of his intention at least one month prior to the date of the AGM.

f)All retiring Executive Officers may be awarded a momento after 3 years service, the value of which shall be determined by the MC.

C5 Management

The WMBL shall be arranged as follows:

a) The MC shall consist of the Executive Officers and between 4 and 8 (both inclusive) committee members. Meetings shall be monthly unless otherwise decided and normally held 1st Wednesday of the month. Terms of reference: League policies, general organisation and development. Convenor: General Secretary

b) Standing Auxiliary Committees will be convened as deemed necessary by the MC and be directly responsible thereto Terms of reference: as agreed by the MC, subject to ratification at the next AGM.

c) The following officers shall be ex-officio and receive invitations to all auxiliary meetings: Chairman, Vice-Chairman, General Secretary

d) The quorum necessary for the transaction of business shall be: MC - 5 voting members Auxiliary Committees - 3 voting members

e) Meeting convenors shall give 7 days notice, in writing to the members of their respective committees.

f) Any MC or committee member who fails to attend three consecutive meetings, unless the reason for such is considered to be satisfactory shall be deemed to have resigned and a replacement may be appointed immediately.

g) No MC or committee shall be entitled to vote on any dispute involving his own club/team.

C6 Authority of Management Council and Auxiliary Committees

a) The MC shall have power to:
i) make additions to the AR or playing rules which become effective 7 days after distribution to clubs and remain in force until the next AGM when such rules shall be submitted for approval.

ii) deal with all matters not specifically covered by the C or AR.

iii) maintain discipline and ensure that the appropriate spirit of the fame is upheld.

iv) penalise and/or disqualify any individual, team or club whose conduct is considered unsuitable or prejudicial to the good name of the WMBL or basketball in general.

v) approve initial applications and continuous membership. Any team or club deemed to have deliberately submitted incorrect information (e.g. court details) will be rejected or withdrawn from the WMBL.

vi) Appoint or dissolve sub-committees where deemed necessary. Such appointed sub-committees shall conduct no other business than that for which it was designated.

b) Each auxiliary committee shall elect its own Chairman where required.

c) The MC and auxiliary committees shall be empowered to:
i) co-opt additional members, who shall be non-voting unless replacing an elected committee member.
ii) create and/or fill any other office considered necessary. Any such office created and which is intended to be permanent, shall be submitted for ratification at the AGM. NOTE: MC and committee meetings are strictly confidential and no communications concerning the transactions or discussions of the committee are to be divulged to the press or any person without the permission of the MC.

C7 Finance

a) The financial year of the WMBL shall be 17th day of May to 16th day of May of the following year.

b) All monies shall be transacted through an account at a convenient branch of a bank approved by the MC.

c) All cheques shall bear the signature of the Treasurer and any one of the following: Chairman, Vice-Chairman, General Secretary, Referees’ Secretary

d) All accounts shall be presented at the AGM.

e) If the activities of the WMBL should terminate, all funds to credit shall automatically be lodged with the Treasurer of the WMABBA.

f) The annual membership fee shall be decided by the MC and shall not exceed that of the previous season by more than 10%.

C8 General Meetings

a) Each club must send at least one representative to all General Meetings.

b) The quorum necessary for the transaction of business at General meetings shall be the number of member clubs present.

c) Annual General Meetings. The AGM of the WMBL shall be held during June of the current season. The agenda will include the following items:

i) Chairman’s address

ii) To receive and adopt the Annual Reports for the Executive Officers.

iii) Finance -
a) to receive and adopt the financial statement for the past season.
b) to approve the Treasurer’s estimate(s) for the ensuing season.
c) to allocate honoraria to Executive Officers.
d) to determine the membership fees for the ensuing season.

iv) presentation of the annual team and playing records.

v) consideration of any alteration(s) to the C and/or AR.

vi) election of Executive Offices and their assistants (where appropriate) for the ensuing season.

vii) election of committee members for the ensuing season.

viii) admission of new clubs and approval of the divisional composition of the league for the ensuing season, as approved by the MC.

ix) transaction of any other business as deemed necessary by the MC or other matters, notice of which must arrive no later than 21 days prior to the date of the AGM.

d) Special General Meetings
i) The MC may convene an SGM if deemed necessary. The General Secretary is required to give a least 14 days notice, in writing, to all member club and team Secretaries.

ii) An SGM of the WMBL may also be requested by a minimum of 5 member clubs or 10% of the registered members. Notice to be given, in writing, to the General Secretary.

iii) Such a meeting shall be convened by the General Secretary within 4 weeks of the receipt of the request. Notice of the meeting, stating the special matter(s) and resolutions(s) (if any) to be proposed and considered, shall be forwarded as stated above. iv)No business shall be transacted at such a meeting other than that for which the meeting was specifically convened.

C9 Voting

a) Except where the Chairman rules otherwise, voting at all meetings shall be by a show of hands.

b) All resolutions involving the C must receive an absolute majority. Those resolutions concerning the AR need only receive a simple majority.

c) All Honorary Officers, Executive Officers, MC committee members and each member club shall be entitled 1 (one) vote.

d) Neither members who are registered as individuals nor invited delegates shall be entitled to vote.

e) The 1 (one) vote to which each member club is entitled shall be cast by its nominated member in attendance.

f) No person shall be entitled to vote in more than one capacity.

g) In the event of equality of voted, the presiding Chairman shall be entitled to exercise a second or casting vote.

NOTE: i) An absolute majority shall be considered to have occurred when 2/3rds of the votes have been cast either in favour of the motion.
ii)A simple majority shall be considered to have occurred when the number of votes in favour of the motion exceeds those cast against the motion.

C10 Alteration of the C and AR

a) No alteration of the C shall be effected other than at the AGM or at an SGM convened for that purpose.

b) All proposals involving alterations to the C and/or AR shall be submitted in writing to the General Secretary at least 21 days prior to any meeting at which they are to be considered.

c) Any change in the C and/or AR shall become effective immediately on approval.

C11 Duties of WMBL Officers

a) The Chairman shall:
i) preside over and control all MC, SGM and AGM’s of the WMBL.

ii) advise and assist where necessary the administration of the WMBL.

iii) ensure that Executive Officers carry out their duties appropriately.

iv) deal with all matters concerning the C and AR.

v) receive from the Match Secretary all necessary information relating to disqualifications and misconduct and thereafter to inform the relevant parties of any consequent penalties and/or suspensions of their right of appeal.

b) The Vice-Chairman shall deputise for the Chairman as necessary.

c) The General Secretary shall be responsible for:
i) all the necessary records and arrangements of meetings of the MC and all General Meetings.

ii) the circulation of the minutes of the MC meetings to al members of the WMBL.

iii) dealing with all general correspondence of the WMBL.

iv) the presentation of a report to the AGM of the WMABBA on the WMBL’s activities over the past season.

v) the compilation of a register of constituent team details.

vi) the compilation and circulation of the WMBL handbook.

d) The Treasurer shall be responsible for:

i) the payment of membership fees and guarantee fees by the designated date.

ii) the payment of any fines imposed or appropriate transfer from the respective guarantee fee.

iii) the control of all WMBL finance and the keeping of appropriate accounts.

iv) the presentation of interim statements to MC meetings when required.

v) the presentation of a, b and c below at the meeting of the MC immediately prior to the AGM.

a) annual statement of income and expenditure.

b) estimate for expected expenditure for the current season.

c) Recommended membership fees for the current season.

vi) the reimbursement of Officers at the appropriate rate for any travelling expenses incurred when fulfilling an official duty of the WMBL.

e) The Match Secretary shall be responsible for:

i) the registration of players and teams with the WMBL.

ii) liaison with the Area Registrar to verify the registration of WMBL teams with EB.

iii) general supervision of all WMBL fixtures, to include, immediately upon receipt the checking of scoresheets and officials’ assessment forms for the following:
a) received within 5 (five) days of the date of the game.

b) time of start of game (which must be within 15 (fifteen) minutes of the scheduled time).

c) presence of appointed officials or designated club officials.

d) eligibility of players, particularly with reference to inter-team transfer.

e) misconduct/disqualification reports.
With reference to the above, the Match Secretary shall immediately inform the Chairman of the receipt of such c.f. C11 a) v). iv) all arrangements and necessary records relating to meetings dealing with fixtures in which WMBL participate.

f) The Referees Secretary shall be responsible for:
i) the appointment of neutral officials or designated club officials to all matches of the WMBL.

ii) the determination of the reason for absence of appointed officials and the imposition of any penalties relating thereto.

iii) the maintenance of an up to date register of officials and their current availability.

iv) the representation of game officials at any meeting relating to them.

g) The Appeals’ Secretary shall be responsible for:
i) all arrangements and minutes relating to meetings of the Appeal and Disciplinary Committee.

ii) the keeping of a separate up to date record of all penalties imposed for misconduct. With reference to ii above, the Appeals’ Secretary shall liase with the Treasurer in respect of the imposition of additional guarantee fees.

h) The Media Manager shall be responsible for:
i)the maintenance of maximum publicity of WMBL activities (e.g. fixtures, results, major events).

ii) the investigation and development of new sources or publicity.

i) The Fixtures Rearrangements Secretary shall be responsible for:
i) administering all fixture rearrangements in all competitions and shall be the first point of contact for clubs wishing to rearrange matches for whatever reason.

ii) ensuring that all rules regarding fixture rearrangements are adhered to by the clubs involved.